• Since the commencement of the Millennium Development Goals in 2000, Indonesia has made great strides towards improving the health of its people, particularly in reducing cases of infectious diseases such as malaria. As we move into the era of the Sustainable Development Goals, Indonesia faces yet another challenge, with lifestyle changes in both urban and rural communities creating dramatic increases in the prevalence of chronic diseases. According to Indonesia’s Ministry of Health, a quarter of Indonesians are physically inactive, and a third of the adu...

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  • The proposed revised draft for the Indonesian Criminal Code (RKUHP) has been heavily criticized for discriminating against certain groups, including young people. The policymakers, confused by their strong intention to protect citizens, have gone overboard and ended up violating the reproductive health rights of the youth instead -- or 26 percent of the population of 260 million. With a population growth rate of 1.49 percent per year, Indonesia’s population will reach 450 million by 2045. Ranked 108th out of 187 in the Human Development Index, ...

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  • How Can We Stop Tuberculosis?
    Sun, Mar 25th 2018, 11:52

    Recent data from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that indicators of overall health status in Indonesia have improved significantly over the last two and half decades. Life expectancy, for example, has increased from 63 years in 1990, to 71 years in 2012. Despite the progress made, Indonesia still struggles with a high incidence of tuberculosis (TB). According to the Global Burden of Disease study, TB remained the third most lethal disease in Indonesia from 2005 to 2016, due to a high prevalence rate and the large population in Indonesia. Sadly,...

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  • Earlier this month, the Indonesian and Australian governments jointly hosted the Indonesia-Australia Digital Forum in Jakarta. Covering topics from cyber security to creative digital industries, the aim of the conference was to build new areas of engagement between the countries in this vibrant, emerging space in Indonesia’s economy.  The stream on Digital Health showcased Indonesian leaders in the field, and provided a forum for both Indonesians and Australians to develop future partnerships which may help to drive growth in this market. Digital he...

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Pemimpin Redaksi Kompas Berbicara soal Isu Rokok

Ketika orang tidak melihat gambaran tentang dampak atau persoalannya, orang akan menganggap ini sebagai isu yang tidak penting.