Anindita Sitepu
Fri, Jan 1st 2016, 00:00

Nindi directs the day-to-day management of Center for Indonesia’s Strategic Development Initiatives (CISDI), overseeing a talented team that dedicated their commitments, ideas and time for the nation’s health development through Pencerah Nusantara, Generasi Kreatif: Penggerak Nusantara, Peta Kemitraan, Tobacco Control Policy Brief advocacy as well as other projects related to health development.

With her extensive experience in managing social development interventions, she is passionate about health equity, youth empowerment and sustainable development. She has been actively involved in global dialogues that support human rights and equality such as the UN General Assembly on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in New York throughout the 2013 – 2016 period. Health psychologist by training, she feels at home discussing about the intersection between physical health and behaviour change, and how young people are key to realizing the healthy paradigm all over the country. The journey she has taken throughout her career made her part of several distinguished movements  such as the Youth South East Asian Leaders’ Initiatives (YSEALI) from US Mission to ASEAN and often speaks in both international and national forum on the critical role of women in development.   

Prior to her work with CISDI, Nindi was part of the Office of President’s Special Envoy for Millenium Development Goals (KUKPRI-MDGs) as Program Manager in 2011. Before joining KUKPRI-MDGs, she previously lived in the Netherlands for two years where she completed her master program in Health Psychology at Leiden University.

Priority ICPD-Related Targets for Indonesia in the Proposed Post 2015 Development Agenda*
Government-led Innovation for Health: ‘Pencerah Nusantara’, the case of Indonesia**


Program Director

Areas of Expertise
Health intervention design; Maternal and child health; Gender equality; Tobacco control; Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); Youth empowerment

MSc. of Health Psychology, Leiden University
BA in Psychology, University of Indonesia

* Shewprasad, S., Sitepu, A. (2015). Priority ICPD-Related Targets for Indonesia in the Proposed Post 2015 Development Agenda. UNFPA-BKKBN Policy Brief
**Saminarsih, D., Sitepu, A., Meilissa, Y., Herlinda, O. (2014). Government-led Innovation for Health: ‘Pencerah Nusantara’, the case of Indonesia. Abstract presented at the All Together Better Health VII Conference 

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