Dwi Kristanto
Sun, Jan 31st 2016, 14:22

Kris is a nutritionist and a program management officer with specialization in community program and development, strategic planning also food and nutrition security. 
Born in Malang, he had received several distinguished awards such as the Indofood Research Nugraha during his undergraduate study and local government scholarship to pursue higher education on food and nutrition planning at the University of the Philippines. 

Kris grows a strong passion to further study human and community development and global nutrition. Starting his career at CISDI, he would like to grow with CISDI and make a substantial contribution to improving health and nutrition outcomes by applying his experience and skills. He believes that better nutrition in the early stage of human being is a foundation throughout the life of an individual.


Title :
Program Management Officer

Areas of Expertise :
Human Nutrition, Food and Nutrition Security and Policy, Program Planning and Management. 

Education :
MPS in Food and Nutrition Planning, Institute of Human Nutrition and Food, University of the Philippines Los Baños.
BSc in Health and nutrition, Medical Faculty, Brawijaya University.

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