Madeleine Randell
Sun, Jan 31st 2016, 14:44

Madeleine joined CISDI in May 2017 as a Public Health Research Advisor, after her acceptance to the Australian Government funded program, Australian Volunteers for International Development. Bringing her considerable experience in research design and analysis, Madeleine is working closely with the Research and Development Unit in CISDI to strengthen capacity to produce high quality research outputs.

Madeleine’s early work as a public health research assistant in the area of tobacco cessation fueled her interest in health inequalities in the aid and development context, leading her to complete a Master of International Public Health in 2014. Since 2011 she has co-authored several papers, with a career highlight being the opportunity to work with the Medical Research Council in Uganda to provide statistical analysis support.

With her strong belief that good health is the foundation of development, Madeleine is passionate about using her experience and skill in research and statistical analysis to inform research and interventions that can help to improve public health outcomes in countries that have continued health disparities. 

Chronic disease, risk factors and disability in adults aged 50 and above living with and without HIV: findings from the Wellbeing of Older People Study in Uganda 


Title :
Public Health Research Advisor

Areas of Expertise :
Research design; quantitative statistical analysis; data management; academic writing and journal publication

Education :
Master of International Public Health - University of Sydney, Australia
Bachelor of Psychology, Hons. (Class I, Division II) – University of Newcastle, Australia

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