Do You Want to Make a Smoke-Free Young Generation? Let's Apply for The APACT12th Youth Camp Scholarship in Bali!
Did you know that 30 percent of smokers worldwide are in the Asia Pacific region? And that every year, six million people die from smoking-related diseases? Moreover, did you know that one in five children aged 13-15 years in Indonesia already smoked? Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) shows that Indonesia is a country with the highest adolescent smokers in the world. This situation will be a big problem with Indonesia's demographic bonus. There will be many younger age groups that lose their productivity due to smoking-related diseases. On the other hand, activating the role of youth in controlling tobacco is one of comprehensive tobacco control investments to create a healthy generation. The opportunity exists and is not worth wasting.

The Center for Indonesia's Strategic Development Initiatives (CISDI) and Smoke-Free Agents (SFA) are collaborating to organize The APACT Youth Camp as a series of 12th Asia Pacific Conference on Tobacco or Health. Having previously held in Beijing, China, the 12th APACT will be held in Nusa Dua, Bali, on 12-15 September 2018 under the direction of the Minister of Health, Prof. Dr. Ir. Dr. dr. Nila Moeloek, Sp.M. The three-year event serves as a forum for health development, academics, business, policy-makers and government representatives of Asia-Pacific countries to design solutions to control the tobacco industry activities through the creation of policies and regulations.

The APACT Youth Camp provides space for youth from Asia-Pacific countries to contribute to the challenge of the tobacco epidemic. Carrying the theme of "Tobacco Truth and Dare," APACT Youth Camp invites youth to discuss solutions to encourage Tobacco Industry Accountability (TIA). The APACT Youth Camp participants will follow a series of exciting activities, including digital marketing campaign and advocacy workshops, group pitching, youth mixer dinner, participation in the 12th APACT main conference, campaign idea exposure, campaign activities and still much more.

If you are an impactful youth aged 18-30 years old and an Asia-Pacific citizen of various professional backgrounds who demonstrate leadership qualities, experience and high commitment in tobacco control efforts, then you have met the applicant candidate criteria of APACT Youth Camp. Access the online registration form through the website and you will have the potential to receive a full scholarship to attend this international conference.

For 50 elected participants, APACT Youth Camp will provide facilities for round-trip tickets from main airports in the home country to Bali, local transportation around Bali and conference area, visa (if needed), accommodation, consumption, and allowance during the event.

Fill out the application form and you already one step closer to creating a cigarette-free youth generation. Let's go visit the APACT website before May 11th, 2018 and do not forget to keep up with the latest news about APACT Youth Camp in social media @cisdi_id and @smokefreeagents!

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