Pencerah Nusantara Spread Inspiration on Dialog Seputar Kita, INTV
Jakarta, June 2017 - “We want to invite all young people who want to serve this country while having fun, you should join Pencerah Nusantara,” that was Putri Hafsari, SKM, an alumni of Pencerah Nusantara batch IV that was stationed in Mamuju Utara, West Sulawesi. She spoke at Dialog Seputar Kita, a program on INTV that showcases inspiring movement in the society.

Putri Hafsari, SKM, and dr. Muhammad Ilham represented Pencerah Nusantara in the interview conducted in June 2017. In the interview, not only did they share the vast experience of serving communities in the rural area within their capacity as professional health practitioners and social workers, but also they did share the challenges they face throughout the program.

What was the interview like? Watch the full interview here.

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