Systematic Review Training: A Notion To Strengthen Tobacco Control Advocacy

Jakarta, 4 December 2017 – Center for Indonesia’s Strategic Development Initiatives (CISDI) conducts a training on systematic review as a notion to strengthen tobacco control advocacy in Indonesia. The training is held at Oria Hotel, Menteng today and participated by representatives of civil society organizations such as TFK, Lentera Anak, the National Committee of Tobacco Control and IIDS as well as communication practitioners.

The provision of facts throughout policy-making process can be supported through problem identification that becomes the focus of a policy agenda, alternative solutions formulation, and policy alternatives justification. Prior to its utilization in supporting policy-making process, a research must go through a systematic review and outcomes conversion into actionable message in a form of policy brief and policy paper.

“Systematic review is a structurized method to select and classified proof of research that have ever been done before. We hope through this training, tobacco control advocates will be able to raise questions that is more specific, minimum bias, that will cater a specific need in their research,” Anindita Sitepu, Programme Director of CISDI, stated in the beginning of the training.

The training is delivered by Madeleine Randell, a former research of IPSOS and University of Sydney that is currently acting as Research Advisor for CISDI. During the training, she emphasizes  specifically on the structurized methods in conducting a systematic review as well as a write systematic review outcome using the PRISMA method.

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