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CISDI's areas of focus include strengthening health policy implementation in Indonesia, empowering youth and communities at the grassroots level, as well as advocating the mainstreaming of the SDGs into the National Development Plan Related to tobacco-control specifically. CISDI has conducted tobacco control advocacies and campaigns, implemented anti-tobacco programs for youth, as well having been closely involved in knowledge-sharing projects with local government and academia.

CISDI has created knowledge products on the tobacco excise tax, include factsheets, media coverages, discussion sheets and presentation files. However, we aim to further disseminate the results of the previous mentioned projects through content publication at Wikipedia. 

Therefore, CISDI is seeking for collaborators to create Wikipedia content on “Cukai di Indonesia”, “Cukai Rokok di Indonesia”, "Excise Tax in Indonesia" and "Cigarette Excise Tax in Indonesia". The ideal candidate should fulfill the followings qualifications:

Highly developed English writing skills and experienced with Wikipedia content creation and submission.
3+ years’ experience in organizational communications, partnership, and outreach, with an education background in social sciences / communications / public relations / health communications / public health
Highly developed research and analysis skills with high level of attention to detail.
Interest and have passion in public health policy, youth empowerment, and inclusive development.

Core Responsibility

Candidate should note that all data needed will be provided by CISDI through several knowledge products mentioned. Should candidate is accepted, candidate is responsible to re-write content that suits Wikipedia platform and review it based on data provided. This project should be done within 7 days.


Creating, submitting and publishing Wikipedia content that enhance the impact of CISDI’s attempt in the advocacy of Cigarette Excise Tax.
Research further information needed to complete the pages content.
Maintain communications with Wikipedia during content publication and content evaluation conducted by Wikipedia administrator.
Interested candidates should send resume before 26 October 2018 to the following email: lara.rizka@cisdi.org cc fadjar.wibowo@cisdi.org.

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