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Prof. Dr. H. Fasli Jalal Ph.D

Prof. Dr. H. Fasli Jalal Ph.D

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Professor Fasli Jalal served as Indonesia's Deputy Minister of National Education (2010-2011) in the United Indonesia Cabinet of the 6th President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. He started his career in government in 1991 as Head of the Nutrition Department in the National Planning and Development Agency (Bappenas RI). Following his outstanding performance at the agency, he was appointed as Minister of National Education as Education Resource Expert. In 2005 he was appointed as Director General of Quality Improvement of Teachers and Education Personnel. Before entering the government, Fasli Jalal began his career in education as an academic and Professor of Clinical Nutrition at Andalas University, West Sumatra. Fasli has also worked as a consultant for various international organizations such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He actively writes and edits articles, journals, and books. His special interests include education, early childhood education, and nutrition. While collaborating with the World Bank, he published a monograph on teacher education. Fasli also has a great interest in the development of youth education and always welcomes youth organizations that need advice or direction to develop their organizations. Even today, Fasli Jalal is still active as a counselor in the Indonesia-Canada World Youth Exchange Alumni. Fasli Jalal has been honored with The Most Outstanding Alumni Award (2001) from Canada World Youth in Montreal and the Henry-Kauffman Prize (2010) for his contribution to education development, especially for Eastern Indonesia. He is the first person to receive this award. He also obtained his medical degree from Andalas University and Ph.D. in nutrition from Cornell University, USA.