Olivia Herlinda

Policy Director

Olivia currently acts as the Policy Director of CISDI. Her role is central in shaping and owning the organization’s policy analysis and recommendations processes that will be further advocated, communicated, and implemented. She leads a team of five to support her designing a research which results in policy recommendation and insights related to national health development and politics.

Prior to joining CISDI, Olivia was one of the first 32 selected individuals joining the youth-led primary healthcare strengthening program, Pencerah Nusantara, in 2012. Together with her fellow health workers, she was stationed in Tosari district in Pasuruan, East Java for a year. She advocated for strategic health policies across local stakeholders to address the high number of  irresponsible sexual activities that were commonly conducted by local villagers out of cultural and habitual reasons. After completing Pencerah Nusantara, she joined the Office of President’s Special Envoy on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. dr. Nila Moeloek, SpM(K), where she managed and oversaw the implementation of Pencerah Nusantara program. Toward the end of the MDGs era, Olivia joined CISDI as Program Management Coordinator in 2014. One of her achievements was in advocating the national scale-up of Pencerah Nusantara and provided technical assistance during its initial stage of adoption into a national program, Nusantara Sehat.

Despite her bachelor degree in pharmacy, Olivia grew stronger passion in conducting research and analysis on health policy which motivated her to pursue Master’s Degree in International Health at Universität Heidelberg. She then continued expanding her understanding and knowledge in international health by joining World Health Organization European Center for Environment and Health (WHO-ECEH) as an intern.

Outside of her work life, Olivia enjoys cooking, baking, and playing music instruments. She also spends a lot of her free time reading a wide range of books from health development to politics.

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Policy Director


Bachelor of Pharmacy, Institut Teknologi Bandung
Master of International Health, Universität Heidelberg

Areas of Expertise

Policy analysis, policy research, global health development