Research and Development Officer

Mala serves as Research and Development Officer that supports CISDI’s business process especially in program planning, monitoring, and evaluating. Bringing her considerable experience in research design and analysis, Mala has the responsibility to manage research related to the ‘Pencerah Nusantara’ and Tobacco Control programs. Apart from her responsibility in Research and Development, she also channels her passion in the meaningful participation of youth in health development as Youth Engagement Team, in which she managed to engage more than 1,500 young people in various youth events organized by  CISDI such as Youth Town Hall and Youth Town Hall to End TB.

Aside of work, Mala currently volunteers as Project Manager for the ‘Patungan Listrik’ initiative at Pelita Khatulistiwa, a non-profit organization that helps primary healthcare in remote areas through crowdfunding. Her interest in research leads her to join the Indonesian Association for Social Network Researcher (APJARSI). On top of that, Mala also dedicates her time as a KESMAS-ID Team and a mentor for youth movements related to health and education such as ‘Sahabat Remaja’ and ‘Gerakan Pemuda Peduli Pendidikan’. Her expertise in social-health research and community development is widely recognized that she is often invited as a guest lecturer, speaker, and trainer for Basic Training for Public Health.

Mala was an awardee of the BIDIKMISI Scholarship from the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Indonesia, to pursue undergraduate study at Airlangga University between 2010 until 2014. During her college years, she won many national and international scientific writing competitions and earned several research grants from USAID and DIKTI. For those achievements, Mala had been awarded as Best Student (2013) and Graduate with Honors from Airlangga University (2015).

Her strong desire to change the community paradigm in building a stronger health-seeking behavior, making her selected as Pencerah Nusantara. She was deployed to the Mentawai Islands District in 2014. During one year of service, Mala realized that public health data gives a significant impact on the success of health program interventions. Realizing the potential behind data, Mala joined CISDI as Research and Development Officer and envisioned public health data to be widely accessible and easily understood by everyone.



Research and Development Officer


Bachelor of Public Health (Biostatistics and Demography),

Faculty of Public Health, Airlangga University, Indonesia

Areas of Expertise

Research Design, Quantitative and Qualitative Study, Forecasting Method, Demography and Geography Information System, Data Management.