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Gatot Suarman
Executive Director
Strategic Plan
Talent Management
Human Resource Development

As an Executive Director, Gatot serves the organization in pursuing its vision and mission through annual strategic direction. He manages and directs the  mechanism of the organization thoroughly from resource management to good governance implementation. He is responsible for building working cultures according to the organization’s values.

Gatot completed his master degree in PPM School Management, Human Resource Management. He finished his master degree on time with Cummlaude final result. During his master study,  He won the Region Business Case Competition 2019 for the South East Asia region and first-hand managed the community development program with his classmates.

Prior to working in CISDI, he joined Indonesia Mengajar movement where he spent a year in an outskirt area of Indonesia as a teacher. He loves the dynamic self that he found in children while he was teaching. This experience had drawn his attention more to the development area. His passion in people development has triggered his curiosity on individual’s competency evolvement and how to capitalize their competency to meet the organizational goals. He strongly believes that a dignified nation starts with the high quality of its people that could be achieved through an appropriate personal competencies development.

Gatot was awarded Best Student (2008) from his college, Andalas University, for his excellent academic achievement as well as leadership experience in Student organization (AIESEC Indonesia). He was selected to represent Indonesia as a facilitator for AIESEC international leadership conference in Singapore and chaired  Global Lead Summit in 2015 in Indonesia attended by more than 300 participants from 15 different countries.

Taking part in CISDI is such a privillege for Gatot to encourage more young people to become involved in Indonesia’s development. Gatot believes youth is one of the main factors to move the nation in facing any challenges in the future. For him, being just young is never enough, becase young people have to be young and impactful!