Policy Paper Stunting

During the study, the research team received support from a number of nutrition practitioners from various backgrounds of participating organizations through various discussions and interviews. We are grateful for their willingness to share their experiences and in-depth knowledge that enriches this technical study. We appreciate expert speakers who provided input both verbally and in writing to this study, namely: Brian Sriprahastuti (KSP), Agus Suprapto (Kemenko PMK), Atmarita (PERSAGI), Halik Sidik (ADINKES), Erna Mulati (Directorate of Public Welfare, Ministry of Health), Elvina Karyadi (World Bank), Akim Dharmawan (World Bank), Guruh Hari Wibowo (Nganjuk District Health Office), Dakhlan Choeron (Directorate of Community Nutrition, Ministry of Health), Octoviana Carolina S (DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office), Annisa Harpini (Pusdatin, Ministry of Health), Iing Mursalin (TNP2K), Eti Rohati (Depok City Health Department), Sudikno (Research Center for Public Health Efforts, Ministry of Health), Winne Widiantini (Pusdatin, Ministry of Health), Hasnani Rangkuti (BPS), Ade Wahid (TP2AK), Aman B Pulungan (IDAI), and Giri Wurjandaru (Directorate of Community Nutrition, Ministry of Health).