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Center for Indonesia’s Strategic Development Initiatives

CISDI is driven by a team from various scientific disciplines and expertise to create more impactful solutions in helping Indonesian people feel safe and prosperous in the health paradigm.

Pencerah nusantara

Our Vision is Helping to build a healthy, equal and just Indonesia.

Mission 1- Building strategic partnership and forging collaborations with diverse stakeholders to reach development goals.

Mission 2- Strengthening public health policy implementation.

Mission 3- Encouraging active youth and communities participation on development issues.

Mission 4- Advocating equal access to health care.

Mission 5- Building awareness on public health issues.


The Center for Indonesia's Strategic Development Initiatives (CISDI) was established in 2014 through the Pencerah Nusantara program, an initiative program to strengthen primary health services in Indonesia. Diah Saminarsih, founder of CISDI, initiated the Pencerah Nusantara program in 2011 while serving as Deputy Special Envoy for the President of the Republic of Indonesia for the Millennium Development Goals. Pencerah Nusantara was developed to be a multidisciplinary collaboration-based movement to strengthen access to primary health care in Indonesia.

Pencerah Nusantara's journey in strengthening primary health services has always been on a good track since it was founded. In 2015, Pencerah Nusantara was adopted and expanded at the national level by the Indonesian Ministry of Health through the Nusantara Sehat program.

While strengthening primary health services, CISDI also aims to reduce the complexity of health sector problems. This commitment is embodied in our concern on tobacco control and risky food consumption issues. Moreover, CISDI is developed to be a non-profit organization that accommodates various strategies, innovations, and collaborations to create an equal, empowered, and prosperous Indonesian society in a healthy paradigm.


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