PHC Forum 2023: Inviting the World to Reflect 5 Years After the Global Declaration for Primary Health Care Transformation

CISDI Secretariat29 Jan 2023

Summary > Experiences in building a foundation through advocacy and various interventions with stakeholders have encourage CISDI to take further action and expand collaboration in primary health care development. We invite you to join us as a convener or strategic partners to holistically rebuild the health system through the Primary Health Care Forum 2023.

In 2018, delegates from around the world gathered in Astana, Kazakhstan, and expressed a shared commitment to strengthen primary health care as the foundation for achieving universal health coverage. This commitment translated into a pledge to maximize efforts to meet the demand for quality, human-centered, integrated, and inclusive primary healthcare for all.

5 years after the Astana Declaration

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the inability of health systems in many countries to deal with emergencies. The paralysis of primary healthcare during the surge in cases is strong evidence of the need for a push for revitalization and transformation, as components of a comprehensive universal healthcare system, critical to recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and preventing future crises.

With the momentum 5 years after the global commitment was made, it is time to reflect on how countries are doing with their primary health care improvements. 

Civil Society's Role in PHC Health System Reform and Transformation

Taking part in filling the gap of segmented and fragmented health systems due to atomized approach, CISDI invests in strengthening the health system–because a robust health system underpins all other health investments in Indonesia and leads to more excellent quality, resilience, and preparedness.

CISDI’s journey in the PHC transformation is reflected in the 12 years of efforts from health in all policy advocacy (including Tobacco Control and Food Policy), down to grassroots intervention with our Pencerah Nusantara Program. Partnering with 50 institutions from international organizations, private sectors, and media, this long-term investment received the Open Government Award 2015 for its impact, transparency, accountability, and participatory nature–and it is still evolving. Based on this journey, CISDI believes that civil society possesses a key and strategic role encompassing multiple actors, different layers of governments, and across all sectors of development.

The experience enables us to dive deeper and build the necessary foundation to realize how PHC in Indonesia will remain in the status quo without an orchestrated effort. It urges us to actively take action for increased investment in PHC from all development stakeholders –by initiating the 2023 Primary Healthcare Forum.

Primary Healthcare Forum

Now is the time to rebuild. However, rebuilding requires everyone to truthfully reflect on prior failures and to take stock of the current situation. The Forum functions as the platform for multiple development actors to keep track of progress by monitoring the indicators by which will measure success.

Continuing Indonesia’s leadership in the 2022 G20 Presidency and moving forward with Indonesia’s new role as Chair of ASEAN for 2023–Indonesia holds a strategic position to begin echoing the issue and bring it further in the South East Asia Region. PHC is ASEAN's modality to ensure health equity and multi actors, multi-sector collaboration.

We are inviting you to join us as a convener or a strategic partner to rebuild Health Systems globally and further amplify CSOs voice as an equal partner of the global governance to rethink and redesign an orchestrated effort and investment for PHC.

Join us in this crucial agenda to emphasize the multi-stakeholder role in identifying mutual gaps, best practice sharing, challenging ideas, and helping each other to find solutions for strengthened and more inclusive primary healthcare.

Primary Health Care Forum Agenda 2023

We have designed the Primary Health Care Forum 2023 agenda to allow for the widest possible engagement, including through:

Competence Forums, with the proposed topics: 

Launch of White Paper on Indonesia’s Health Sector Development (2024-2034) | PHC Oriented Research | Gender Analysis and Gender Roadmap in PHC | Civil Society Role in Global Health Policy & Governance | Measuring Primary Health Care Progress in Countries | Learning Health Systems | Health Work Force | Tobacco Control and Food Policy Advocacy |

Main Conference :

Showcasing Indonesia’s PHC | PHC Talk Panel Sessions | PHC Working Group Series + Townhall | Innovation Showcase & Awarding | Partnership Matching | 1 on 1 Networking Session | Site Visit to Indonesia PHC

Parallel Agenda: 

Film Festival | Forum for Young Indonesians 

Pre Event: 

Call for Papers | Road to PHC Forum: Movie screening, book launch, walking tour | Journalism Fellowship | Survey on People’s Perception of Healthcare Services