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    PHC Forum 2023: Inviting the World to Reflect 5 Years After the Global Declaration for Primary Health Care Transformation

    CISDI Secretariat Sun Jan 29 2023

    With the momentum of 5 years after the global commitment for primary healthcare in Astana Declaration 2018, it is time to reflect on how countries are doing with their PHC.


    Primary health care, the history and its importance

    Amru Aginta Sebayang Sat Jan 28 2023

    The COVID-19 pandemic showed primary health care (PHC) played a substantial role in reducing the pressure on the health system, one of which is preventing mortality. Thus, the focus of PHC needs to be addressed directly to the community in order to optimize the prevention and treatment to COVID-19 p


    Investing in public health through excise taxes, why is it important?

    Amru Aginta Sebayang Sat Jan 28 2023

    The risky consumption behavior influences the high health burden due to diseases in several health services. Therefore, in addition to health policies, the government has built a mechanism to control consumption, one of which is through the implementation of excise taxes.